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October 12




Bryan (1974), Daniel (1976), Dustin (1978), Daphne (1979)




I am a very proud mother and grandmother. Bryan (Born 1974) lives in Denver and works for XO communications. He isn't married yet but is the most favorite Uncle of his four nephews and one niece. Daniel (1976) and family live in Garden City Kansas. He is a department manager at the local Wal-Mart. His wife Jessica is a grade school teacher. He and Jessica have two beautiful children. Anne (5) is my Angel and very much so enjoying Kindergarten. Quinten (2) is "My Smile" and all boy. He climbs all of the place and one thing I know, "He is definitely his "Fathers Child!" Smiles. Dustin (1978) works in his fathers welding shop "Lofquist Welding Inc" in Elwood NE and also farms several acres with his Dad. He and his family live a mile north of Smithfield NE. Kim is a stay at home mother and home schools their three boys. Mason (8) is my "Heart." Mason loves playing out side and is very inventive with the games he makes up to keep himself busy. He is a Huge Husker fan and enjoys spending as much time as possible with his Grandpa Don (my ex). He is also a big help to his Mom with the two younger boys. Rylan (almost 3) is "My Monkey Boy." He is a live wire. He loves to climb and does every thing in his power to try to keep up with his brother Mason. Weston (4 months) is my little "Cowboy". He is a very beautiful baby. He will develop his own personality as he get older. God has blessed both my son's with beautiful children. Daphne (79) is my youngest and only Daughter. She has a BA in Sociology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She moved to Bowling Green Ohio to receive her Masters degree and then Doctorate degree also in Sociology. She moved this last July to Washington DC to work for the Census Bureau as a Statistician in the HHES - Fertility and Family Planning department. What about me? Smiles,I am a Mom, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Friend and Employee. I have been divorced for over 20 years; I have a College Degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I work for a company called IdleAire. I love my Job and have plans on moving up in the company. I am content and happy with in myself. By the Grace of God, I am just me. "Life is good."