HHS Class of 1962 - 50 Year Reunion
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Carroll (Hoagstrom) & Ron Falk Jerry & Pat Marriner Leo & Mary Anne Overholser
Carol (Jarvis) & Butch Covert Ted Dossett Jay Jurkowski (Marty Miller) & Joyce Anderson (Dennis)
Carolyn (Peterson) Fitch & Pat (Gabus) Peterson Diane (Ken) Olsen Liz (Frank) Hilsabeck
Marty (Miller) Jurkowski, Kent Person, Bill Leffler Darrell Wiser Gerald Veal (Kathy Valentine) & Roger Will (Mary Morgan)
Wayne Backencamp & Ed Olson Steve Bryan (Kathy Johnson) George Krem (Ludene Hendricks)
Mary (Ron) Lunsford & Connie (Larry) Jacobson Frank Hilsabeck Jerry Fitch (Carolyn Peterson) & Susan (Ron) Anderson
Ken Olsen & Alice (Speece) Dickinson Ron Anderson & David Vaughn Barb (Hollinger) Hokom & Dennis Anderson
Kathy (Johnson) Bryan & Janet (McNeil) Sarbou Mary (Morgan) Saxton Wayne Backencamp, Alice (Speece) Dickinson, Kathy (Valentine) Veal, Jill (Swanson) Osborn, & Carolyn (Peterson) Fitch
Pat (Gabus) Peterson & Ken Olsen Ted Dossett, Susan (Ron) Anderson, Betty Lou (Wells) Dossett, & Jerry Fitch (Carolyn Peterson) Susan (Carlson) Brooks & Tom Kidder
Kathy (Valentine) Veal Ken Osborn, Milt Dahlgren, & Ron Falk (Carroll Hoagstrom)  Milt restored tractor his Dad bought new in 1958 Getting ready to toss candy to kids during Swedish Days Parade
Wayne Backencamp, Kayla (Malone) Backencamp, Ludene (Hendricks) Krem, Carolyn (Borg) Webb, & Analice Decker Larry Jacobson, Dennis Anderson, Tim Hansen, & Deloris (Carlson) Tonack Swedes in our class
Honorary Swedes in our class Kent Person in convertible previously owned by Stu Hasselquist (Class of 1962, deceased) Alice (Speece) Dickinson, Mary (Morgan) Saxton, Jill (Swanson) Osborn, Elvis, Kathy (Johnson) Bryan, & Pat (Gabus) Peterson
Jill (Swanson) Osborn, Elvis & his Caddy Janice (Hasbrouck) Layton, Carol (Jarvis) Covert, Pearl (Aman) McConnell, & Jill (Swanson) Osborn Carol (Jarvis) Covert, Analice Decker, Susan (Carlson) Brooks, Janet (McNeil) Sarbou, Ludene (Hendricks) Krem, & Janice (Hasbrouck) Layton)
Ludene (Hendricks) Krem has gathering for Class of 62 females Ludene Hendricks, Jill Swanson, Carroll Hoagstrom, Analice Decker, Mary Morgan, Susan Carlson, Pat Gabus, Barb Hollinger, Kathy Valentine, Janice Hasbrouck, Pearl Aman, Carol Jarvis, Deloris Carlson, Janet McNeil, Marty Miller, Kayla Malone, Kathy Johnson, Carolyn Borg, Alice Speece Dennis & Joyce Anderson
Dan & Hulda Peterson Milt & Jan Dahlgren Bob Goings
Janet (McNeil) Sarbou Deloris (Carlson) Tonack Rich & Sue Waller
Ron & Mary Lunsford Larry Jacobson Betty Lou (Wells) Dossett
Janet (McNeil) Sarbou, Barb (Hollinger) Hokom, & Marty (Miller) Jurkowski Janice (Hasbrouck) Layton, Jill (Swanson) Osborn, Pearl (Aman) McConnell, & Carol (Jarvis) Covert Analice Decker and Janet (McNeil) Sarbou
Jill (Swanson) Osborn, Pearl (Aman) McConnell, Carol (Jarvis) Covert Susan (Carlson) Brooks, Carolyn (Borg) Webb, Janice (Hasbrouck) Layton Front: Marty (Miller) Jurkowski, Barb (Hollinger) Hokom  Back: Kayla (Malone) Backencamp, Carroll (Hoagstrom) Falk, Kathy (Johnson) Bryan, Janet (McNeil) Sarbou
Mary (Morgan) Saxton & Deloris (Carlson) Tonack Kathy (Johnson) Bryan & Alice (Speece) Dickinson Deloris (Carlson) Tonack
Barb (Hollinger) Hokom, Carolyn (Peterson) Fitch, & Janet (McNeil) Sarbou Susan Carlson & Analice Decker Ron Lunsford, Marty Miller, Larry Jacobson, Dennis Anderson, Tim Hansen, Deloris Carlson, Mary Morgan, Pat Gabus, Jerry Marriner
Susan Carlson, Tom Kidder, Ron Lunsford, Marty Miller Mary Morgan, Pat Gabus, Kathy Johnson, Jerry Marriner Jerry Marriner, Frank Hilsabeck, Bill Leffler
Bill Leffler, Alice Speece, Wayne Backencamp Ludene Hendricks, Carolyn Borg, Analice Decker Leo Overholser, Carol Jarvis, Jill Swanson, Ken Osborn
Pearl Aman, Janice Hasbrouck, Kathy Valentine, Carroll Hoagstrom Analice Decker at car show during Swedish Days Kay Malone
Carroll Hoagstrom, Susan Carlson, Angie (Nurse and friend to DiAnn Simonson), Carolyn Borg, Analice Decker, Kathy Valentine Pat Gabus, Alice Speece, Analice Decker at Nebraska Prairie Museum Pat Gabus looking at tribute of Barb Johnson, class of 1962, at Nebraska Prairie Museum
Diane and Ken Olsen Webb & Carolyn (Borg) Webb Jay Jurkowski (Marty Miller) and Tim Hansen
May Anne & Leo Overholser Wayne Backencamp, Kayla Malone, Barb Hollinger, Analice Decker, Mary Morgan, Tom Kidder Carolyn Borg, Kathy Valentine, Bill Leffler, Pat Gabus
Ken Olsen, Larry Jacobson, Bob Goings Frank & Elizabeth Hilsabeck Kent Person, Mary Morgan, Susan Carlson, Tom Kidder
Webb Webb, Jill Swanson, Ken Osborn, Carolyn Borg, Analice Decker Does anyone have any more pictures to share? Does anyone have any more pictures to share?