HHS Class of 1966 - 40 Year Reunion
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Nancy talks to Claudia, while Keith, Jody, Peg, and Gary visit in the backround. Marlene gives the group instructions, while Lenny, George, Dennis, and Bob think it's like trying to herd Cats. George and Lenny have had a little too much.
Kim still has the movie star look. George and Cammie.....She looks considerably younger than George. George and Cammie's place on the Big Thompson (Site of the 40th reunion)
Tim gives Tom a cigar.  (Tom is glad he got invited) The class of '66 (Except those who are not out yet) Dennis reads a trivia question from the '66 era, and Bob points out someone who remembers.
George still doesn't know the answer. Dennis says, Try to remember this one. Kim Johnson, Ed Nelson, Teresa Luther, Pat Johnson, Brenda Nicholson, Bob Johnston, and Joyce Bryan.
The Hikers-Lenny W, Ed N, Teresa L, Kim J, Bob J, Joyce B, Brenda N Pick your favorite one of the hikers! Crossing the river on the hike in the Colorado mountains
Hikers on the trail...Woythalers on the left...Bryan and Erickson on the right Hiking the Colorado mountains! Patti, Dennis and Joyce
Bill & Sheri Daylong with Cleo & Sandi Wimer Cleo & Sandi Wimer Bill & Sheri Daylong
Vicky Erickson & Linda Osborn Vicky Erickson & Linda Osborn Linda Osborn & Pam Kealey
Delmer & Marcia (Larson) Googleman & Gerhart & Nancy (Harms) Wehrbein Rod Johnson, Ron & Kathryn (Enquist) Ronhovde, Ann Johnson, Peggy Johnston Bev (Malone) Claypool & Jackie (Vaughn) Remington
Dennis Remington & Rod Johnson Cheryl & Bob Peterson & Frank & Karen Hadley Tom Hilsabeck & Gordy
Claudia (Schaefer) Hasselquist, David Barker & Bob Peterson Jim Wiser, Dennis & Patti Peterson Debbie & Art Soderholm and Sherry Neese
Bruce Thomsen & Ed Erickson Ed Erickson, George Lundeen & Bruce Thomsen Tim Johnson & Eloise Dahlgren
Dave & Darlene (Patterson) Schaap, Gary Wells & Donita (Russell) Felty Ron & Kathryn (Enquist) Ronhovde & Debbie Soderholm Rod & Ann Johnson
Bonnie Jean (McArthur) Haan, Teresa (Luther) Langvardt, Cass (Pearson) Orcutt & Cathy Marriner Ann Wiser, George Lundeen, Don Pollan & Jim Wiser Pat (Johnson) & Ron Stigge, Frank & Karen Hadley
Dennis Remington & Bob Johnston Dennis Remington, Bob Johnston & Bob Peterson Roy & Sherry (Olson) Neese
????? & Sharon (Larson) Babl Bruce & Brenda (Nicholson) Staats Sue (Pettis) Roux & Gordy
Bob Peterson, Bob Johnston, Gary Sprague Bob Johnston & Marcia (Larson) Googleman getting revenge by putting a worm down his shirt Sharon (Larson) Babl, Joyce (Bryan) & Dan Strout talking with Kathy (Enquist) Ronhovde
Gary Sprague, Nancy (Harms) Wehrbein, Jody Sprague and Jackie (Vaughn) Remington looking over the class 'WHERE ARE WE NOW' booklet Kathryn (Enquist) Ronhovde, Sharon (Larson) Babl & Joyce (Bryan) Stout & Dan Stout David Barker & Dennis Peterson
Teresa (Erickson) Jacobs & husband Don Jacobs Dave Gieske (has passed away) was married to Marlene Pankonin, Bruce Staats (Brenda Nicholson husband) Bill & Sherry Daylong talking with Cheryl Peterson (Bob's wife)
Peggy Johnston, Carla & Bruce Thomsen, Donita (Russell) Felty Rod Johnson & Ed Erickson Kim Johnson & Tim Johnson
Gordy & Sue (Pettis) Roux Brenda (Nicholson) Staats & Jackie (Vaughn) Remington Don Pollan, Tim Johnson, Ed Erickson & Bruce Thomsen
Kim Johnson & George Lundeen No idea Peggy (McConnell) Johnston, Cami Lundeen, Darlene (Patterson) Schaap, Jody (Eldridge) Sprague
Keith Hasselquist &  Kenny Claypool