HHS Class of 1967 - 40 Year Reunion
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Jack and Pat Morris Hild Ike and Elaine Redfern visit with Wayne Rose and wife, and Pat is drinking again. Doug McNeil and Bob Rager visit with Jim VanMarter.
Doug Peterson and Wayne Weiss share a moment. Susan Carlson Johnson (center) and Rex Schwaninger try to remember who is who, while Bruce Melberg and Sherry Sandberg McClymont visit. Susan Buettner Langenberg and Dennis Dannehl visit while Dennis Young sneaks up on them.
Steve Melroy and Brian Williams (left) visit unknown classmates. Becky Hilsabeck (left)  Rex Schwaninger,  Tom Hilsabeck (back to camera) visit with Terry and Mary Lucas Gugle. Brian Williams (back to camera) Terry Kreutzer, Kenton Thompson, and Charlie Cuypers visit at the Phelps Co. Museum.
Sue Hasselquist (hands on face) talks to Patty Morris Hild, while Susan Buettner Langenberg and Dick Damrow visit with 2 other classmates. Judy Cuypers. Roger Sand listens to wife Julie Winquist Sand, while others listen in.
A somewhat blurry photo of Wild Bill Cummins and wife. Here is Marvin Ayers, Dan Howsden, and Dennis Dannehl. Class of '67 eat and visit at the Holdrege Country club.
More good times at the 40th reunion. Bev Johnson Lashley and husband. Great food and fun at the 40th reunion.
Dan Imel says Almost 80 came for the Class of '67 reunion. Sue seems suprised.
Arlyn and Emily Aldinger (foreground) visit with Doug McNeil. Tom (mouthful) and Becky Hilsabeck visit with Ray Belmudez and wife. Bruce Melberg (hand on face) visits with Terry Kreutzer, Dan and Sue Booe, and Rich Murrish.
Wild Bill Cummins. Bruce Melberg, Ray Belmudez, and Kenton Thompson share a laugh. Bill Cummins visits with Terry and Mary Lucas Gugle.
Dennis Dannehl, Sue Hasselquist, and Tom Hilsabeck Great Friends. Kathy Streff Worman, and Janet Nelson Blauvelt. Brian Williams, and Rex Schwaninger.
Susan Carlson Johnson says Dan Imel and Doug Peterson share a moment. Dennis Dannehl, Bruce Melberg, and Rich Moline share a laugh.
Sue Hasselquist, and Rene Hagood Imel yuck it up. This space available This space available