HHS Class of 1968 - 40 Year Reunion
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Jean Kinnaman, Nona Clawson, Becky Leff, Betsy McClymont Becky Leff, Betsy McClymont, Linda Richardson Jean Kinnaman, Nona Clawson, Becky Leff
Lee Grove, Dennis Moon, Greg Osborn, Tim Hollingsworth Tim Hollingsworth, back of Bill Burrell Bill Johnston
Betsy McClymont, Dan Vaughan, Nona Clawson, Jean Kinnaman Liz Thomsen, Kathy Slater, Sandi Jensen Kathy Slater, Liz Thomsen
Kathy Krohn, Becky Leff, Penni Rinehart Penni Rinehart, Joan Carlson, Margy Bard, Bev Waggoner, Liz Thomsen Bob, Peggy, Margaret, and JoEllen
Bob Larson Bill J, Sherry, Deb, Liz, Penni and Sandy Big Ed visiting with Jeanne & Nona
Bev Waggoner & George Lundeen in front Bev, Betsy and JoEllen Betsy and Kathy
Betsy and Becky Becky, JoEllen and friends Becky and Hubby
Dan V  and Margy visiting Dan V, Deb E, Greg O, and Kathy O Gary and Greg
Gaylord, Tim, John, Gary, and Mike Group Pic 1 Group Pic 2
Group Pic with Friends Visiting Group Pic 3 Group of Girls visiting
Jim Traill JoEllen and Becky with Mike K and Virlyn Joan and Mike
Kathy -lil butt Kathy L, Penni, and Judy Kathy, Naomi, and Peggy Jo
Lee and Grace Lee Grove Margy and friend
Margy, Jim, and Kathy Mike and Dan Nona and Jeanne
Peggy and Kathy Krohn Peggy, Linda, Betsy, Bev, and Margy Sherry and Naomi
Sherry, Peggy, Janice, and Big ED Steve B and Deb E Susan and Mike Vaughn Williams