HHS Class of 1972 - 35 Year Reunion
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Peggy Payne Perry Del Gustafson & Kevin Boyd Linda Weber Mattson, Deb Dannull Sickels, Bill & Kelley Hanson
Colleen Johnson Jameson Garry Mattson, Peggy, Liz Kingsley Mattson, & Sheryl Berry Olson A shaky photo of Stuart Swanson & Del Gustafson
Stuart & Del wondering who has stayed the coolest since graduation Twila Johnson Benjamin, David Carlson & Dick Gannon Brad & Jana Mills Swanson & Brad Collison
Bill Reiser, Rudy Mattson, David Carlson & Kenny Olson Kelley & Bill Hanson Jim & Brenda Johnson
Peggy & Don Johnston Steve Burgeson Mark & Darlene Vontz Sweeney & Marv & Lona Weiss
Mary Jo Divis Jones & Steve Pat & Marsha Shield Graf & Jeanie Heinz, with Randy Jauken, Del & Kevin in background Garry Mattson, Deb Johnson & Lynn Erickson Brewster
Dana Luther Kness, Roxy Arford Dahlin & Terry Suhr Krohn Linda, Linda, Roxy & Terry Chris & Beth McClymont Christoff & Bill Hanson
Beth, Dana & Linda Donna Anderson Lehner Kirby Westergren & Debby Dannull Sickels
Rich Krohn & Bill Reiser trying to stay awake Mark & Darlene Vontz Sweeney Jeff & Twila Benjamin, Brad Swanson & Cherie Gannon
Twila & Jeff, Brad, Cherie & Dick Gannon Marian Schroder Brown, Colleen Johnson Jameson & Diane Beachler Gange Kenny Olson saying 'So you're the one who's making everyone blind!'
Lynn Erickson Brewster talking to Deb Johnson, Kenny Olson & David Carlson Jim Johnson, Naomi Johnson & Linda Dick Gannon, Jeff Benjamin & Brad Swanson
Rudy and Twila Twila & Brad Liz & Peggy
Don Johnston & Randy Blauvelt Liz & Sheryl Joleen Power Linder, Liz & Sheryl
Randy & Deb Aldrich Steve & Pat Graf Del with Dave & Susan Ekberg Cramer
Randy & Del sharing a chuckle Brenda Johnson, Jana & Sheryl trying to decide what song to sing Deb Johnson, Keith Heinz & David Carlson
David Carlson, Deb Johnson, Dave Kumpost & Jeff Benjamin Del singing Del singing & dancing up a storm!
Linda, Sheryl, Brenda, Terry, Liz & Twila singing karaoke The same girls still The same girls with Dana trying to help us sound better
Sheryl, Naomi, Marian, Brenda, Twila, Linda, Terry, Linda & Liz We're still at it Nobody's kicked us off yet!
Cheryl Debban Taft joining in After several standing ovations, we're getting pooped! Several more joined in, including Beth Irwin Kumpost, Diane, Beth, Lynn, Dana & Dick as our soprano
Twila missed her calling as a musical director! Jeff, Randy, Dick & Del This space available