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For a look at the history of the class of 1966 Click here.
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  All former students of Holdrege (Nebraska) schools are invited to register.   Registration costs you nothing, there are no user names or passwords to remember cause some of us are getting along in age and must use remaining memory for something else.   The Registration Page will ask you to attach your now picture.   If you don't have an individual picture just attach a high resolution group shot and I will crop it for you, and if you don't have a digital image at all, you can snail mail me a hardcopy (404 Classen Dr, Dallas, TX, 75218-1724) and I will scan it and email a digital version back to you. Just be sure to let me know how to find you in the group picture.   In the event your graduation picture did not appear in the annuals feel free to attach it as well

As of Valentines Day, 2017 there were 2174 registered alumni up from 2121 on Valentines Day last year.  Of the 2174 registered, there were 491 registered alumni living in HoldregeLincoln was the next most popular home for HHS Grads with 195, 143 were living in the tri-cities areaOmaha accounted for 108, and 365 more were living in 114 other Nebraska cities.   There were 26 states that had six or more HHS alumni: Colorado, 141;  Kansas, 68;  Texas, 61;  Arizona, 53;  California, 51;  Missouri, 40;  Florida, 37;  Iowa, 32;  Illinois, 30;  Minnesota, 21;  Georgia, 19;  Oklahoma, 18;  Washington, 16;  South Dakota, 13;  Nevada, 12;  Pennsylvania, and  North Carolina, 11;  Wyoming, and  Virginia, 10;  TennesseeSouth CarolinaAlabama, and  Ohio, 9;  Alaska, 8;  Wisconsin, 7; and 6 alumni reside in  New Mexico.  In addition, there were 66 alumni spread out across 23 other states and the District of Columbia.

Corrol Roach (Class of '63) and I have added information to www.findagrave.com.  We used a book prepared by the Holdrege Area Genealogical Club and have over eight thousand entries made for Prairie Home Cemetery and over twenty-two hundred entires for Moses Hill Cemetery.  If you have friends or relatives buried at Prairie Home or Moses Hill you can check to see if they have been memorialized. If you have corrections to make to the information or would like to add a biography or obituary, you can email the infomation to me.  If you would like to add a picture of the person or the gravesite you can do so yourself if you register at findagrave.com or email the photo to me and I will add it for you.  My latest endeavor is to get all deceased HHS grads into one Virtual Cemetery   If you are a member of Findagrave and would like to help me locate these memorials please email me.

In observance of our 40th reunion, we in the CLASS OF '65 have put together a web page with some historical (or maybe I should say hysterical) photos of long, long ago.  If you are interested in that type of thing click here.   The collection of class reunion photos continues to grow.  We will be glad to post your photos from any reunion.  To see the collection of reunion photos so far click here.   I have finished posting the senior photos of all HHS alumni that appeared in the annuals from 1950 through 2018.  You will see "Click for Total Class Listing" scrolling at the top of a particular years page, and when you click you will popup a class listing.  This total class listing will contain links to the senior photos posted at PhotoBucket.com.   These popup listings will in some cases also contain names of folks who did not appear in the annuals.  Some of these names came from a list of questionable accuracy.   If you see any names that should not be there or notice any missing names please email me.

For those of you who are into Holdrege history, I have put together a digitized version of some of the old Holdrege City Directories.  I have found it very useful when trying to locate old classmates for reunions etc.  In case you cannot remember their parents or brothers and sisters names you might just find the info in here.  Feel free to download the self-extracting Zip file (revised Mon Jan 03 2011 and now includes the 1959 directory) by clicking here.  For you Mac users I have heard that a program called ZipIt, UnZip, or Stuffit Expander should work on this Zipped File.

The latest addition to the website is a collection of Boys and Girls Golfing results.  If you have any other historic sports results we would be interested in posting them as well.

If you would like to go ahead and see what the other 2121 folks have been up to, begin by clicking on your favorite decade:  Pre-1950, 1950's1960's1970's1980's1990's2000's,  or 2010's.   If you would like to find out who's new, click here to view the last 25 alumni to have registered or updated their information, or you can click here to open an alphabetical listing of all 2121. You can also open a listing of some 6,188 alumni that graduated between 1950 and 2015 by clicking here. This list will provide you with links to their senior photos if available. If you are one of the 170 that did not get your senior picture in the annual email it to me and I will include it.