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May 3


Jim Tallant


Michael (1992) and Matthew (1994)




After graduating from HHS I went to UNL and graduated in 1977 with a degree in nursing. Upon graduation I began working at Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, along with Carol Lundeen. By 1980 I decided that a lifetime of working as an RN was not something I loved. At that time, while still working I returned to school and within a year graduated with a degree in psychology. I then moved to Denver to attend Denver Seminary to pursue a masters degree in counseling. Believe it or not I ended up living with Marilyn (Loewen) Ferrin and her family for the first year. I graduated in 1984 and then took a position in Seattle, WA @ Seattle Pacific University. The northwest was quite a change--far from the roots of Nebraska where my family was, and from Colorado where my brother Bob and his wife had moved and where the sun shines a whole lot more than in Seattle. However, I loved my job, made new friends and fell in love with the ocean and no cold weather. In February of 1987 my dad (Emmett) was diagnosed with brain cancer and was given less than a year to live. At that time I decided I needed to be closer to Nebraska so took a position as a psychotherapist in Littleton, CO. Dad passed away in January of 1988. While in Littleton I became involved at Cherry Creek Prsbyterian Church and in 1990 went on a short term mission to Juarez, Mexico. It is on this trip that I met my husband Jim--he was the one who headed up this annual trip. As quite a surprise to both of us we met our future spouse. We married in 1991 and 15 months later had our 1st son Michael. Two years later Matt was born. Like most parents their activities are what keep our schedules filled. Michael is 15 and is involved in competitive ski racing, football, etc. Matt is 13 and is involved with any sport that uses a ball. They are a blast to watch and be with. We get back to Nebraska quite frequently and I have been able to see many or our classmates frequently. I look forward to seeing more of you at the reunion. I have to say that I am very thankful that mom still lives in the house we grew up in. I loved HHS and am so thankful for our class. God blessed me with dear friends then and continues to bless me with the on going friendships from those days. Life has not always been easy or seemed fair but God has proven faithful to us and it is in Him that I look ahead. Can't wait to see all who are at the reunion!