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May 24


Peggy (Payne)


Anna (1975), Alex (1977), Adam (1981)


The Roofing Company


Following graduation I attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln until my marriage to Peggy Payne (Holdrege Class of '72). Over the next 7 years we were blessed with 3 children: Anna, Alex, and Adam. Yeah we got stuck on the letter "A" and couldn't get past it. I heard the other day that 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese, and I know that I am not, so I am still puzzled over which one of the others in my family is.
I worked with my father at Perry Lumber for several years. We (Peggy and I) began purchasing the business from him as he prepared for retirement in 1995. In 1999 we sustained a devastating fire but worked to try and get the business going again. Over the next few years, even with the expansion to other communities, it was evident that the small town building material businesses were on the way out. And so soon thereafter so were we. I recognized that life truly was a test, unfortunately up to this point I had not been taking very good notes.
In 2002 I began working as a project director at Brown Church Development. Since then I have been the Senior Estimator at Ho-Chunk Inc. (South Sioux City, NE) and currently am Senior Estimator at The Roofing Company (Granby, CO). I always try to go the extra mile at work, but my boss always seems to find me and brings me back.
My folks taught me well by example that we should be involved in assisting others in family, church, and community. Over the past 30 years I have enjoyed coaching baseball and softball (at various ages) and youth football. I have served on the Holdrege City Council, Holdrege Schools Board of Education, Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce, Holdrege Ambassadors, and several other community committees and organizations. In church I have enjoyed service as a Sunday School teacher (elementary and adult), Deacon, Trustee, and member of several church committees. Over the years I have found that service to others spotlights the character of people. Some will turn up their sleeves, some will turn up their noses, and some won't turn up at all.
In 1980, upon being called to mission work, I began assisting and later organizing regular trips to Haiti and more recently to Mexico. With opportunities to share, I began speaking of experiences on a regular basis. This then opened the door for me to be on a "circuit" to fill the pulpit of several area churches as a need arose. I have been involved with prison ministry over the last few years and recently started a regular ministry at the Grand County Jail. I look forward to expanding this ministry over time and now that I am "settled" in Colorado, desire to get back on track with other ministry opportunities. For those I encounter, I desire to share the meaning or life, which is to give life meaning - in Jesus.
I dearly enjoy my family and am truly blessed with the time I spend with Peggy, our children, and our 5 grandchildren (the greatest of joys). I hope and pray that I can continue to be an integral part of their lives for many years to come. Of course I need to keep them all happy as they may be choosing my nursing home some day.