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March 18




Cole (1980), Seth (1986), Dane (1998), Leif (2000)


Hall Estill


Raised by Pawnee Indians in a sod hovel 10 miles north of holdrege, I graduated from 8th grade at R-5 school, 4th in my class (of 4). The year was 1968 and the winds of change blowing through this great land were not even a small breeze in Center Township, Phelps County. Going to 9th grade with some 140 other kids, most of whom I did not know, was all the change I could handle. But I had a blue 1960 chevy and a student drivers permit and that was enough to give me a measure of immediate recognition as I began to transport (illegally) most of the male members of my class. I lived an active fantasy life for the next several years until I found myself with a job, a wife and a kid and an apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1980. For me, this was almost too much reality at one time but over the next 28 years I have adjusted, adding three kids and 20-30 pounds, losing my hair, keeping the wife and the job and learning that time travels at a dizzying rate when one is over 30. I aspire only to return to Holdrege--if I could convince the wife and partner and find a job. So long. Del