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August 26




Eric, Annalise, Warner "Dub"


Lundeen Sculpture LTD, Loveland, Colorado


My first eighteen years were spent in an around Holdrege. During that time I figured it was the center of the universe...and it was. My family all lived there, all my friends were there and God knows my old chevy wouldn't get me past Johnson lake. After graduation I spent the summer working at the man's shop painting signs and waterskiing at Johnson lake. The fall brought me to Hastings College where I spent the next five years studying Art and trying to grow up. The Art part stuck a bit better than the other. On finishing at Hastings, I married and went off to graduate school at the University of Illinois where I continued to study Sculpture. Two years later I was a Master of Fine Arts but didn't seem to be much smarter. I then was fortunate to be given a grant to study and work in Italy for a year. A year in Florence when you are 25 is recommended for everyone! On arriving back in Nebraska in '75 I tended bar until Kearney State hired me to teach. One year of that was enough and I took off for my present home In Loveland Colorado. In 1976 I set up a studio in Loveland and began my career as a sculptor which I continue to this day. My first marriage went south but a few years later I married my model Cammie who is also a sculptor (some say better than me). Sculpting has taken us many places and has been a great vehicle to meet new friends and visit old ones. I sometimes hear from classmates who run into my bronzes which makes me very happy. I get back to Holdrege every year as my brother Swan is in town and we still have a cabin on Johnson lake. I married into one child and have two more. I would appreciate it if you all don't ever tell my kids what a shy, gangley square I was in school. I still think Holdrege was the most "groovy" place to grow up and sometimes dream of those warm summer nights listening to the hum of the cicades.