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Carolyn (1974): Step-children: Todd, Melissa, Carrie



OK Deb (Erickson) I am almost caught up to you .... married/divorced, married/divorced, married/and soon to be divorced. I think I will now stop this process, as it doesn't seem to be working out well for me either! I am a RN and have spent the last 35+ years working as such in various postions: ER/OR ten years (thankfully I did that when I was YOUNG and had lots of energy!) The next 10 years were spent in long term care administration and the last 15 in psych. I really loved them all so it would be hard to pick a favorite but now psych is just to violent - even when you are part of nursing administration, and there is a limit to how many times you can go to work and get beat up before you say ENOUGH! Besides the last time an 18 y/o male adolescent punched me full force with his fist - in my face - I didn't even stop - just keep right on working - of course he was also in the process of beating the hell out of a couple male staff at the time - but that is beside the point! When you can take a fist in the face and not even blink an eye...it is time to rethink where you are working! There is a reason why my current last name is NOT listed here, why my phone number is unlisted and why my e-mail address has nothing to do with my name or location! As it turned out - I didn't have to quit - instead in June 2009 I fell and fractured my left tibia, displaced the fibula and in general FUBARed the ankle .... after that surgical procedure I was off to Bryan in Lincoln, where I had a repair of my ruptured cervical disc (c5/6 c6/7 - fusion and bone grafts) Surgical sites have all healed, but the damage to my spinal cord remains problematic, however I believe that it is going to heal: but when they said "slow" they were not joking! I still have balance problems, along with numbness in my feet and hands ..... getting better....slow ... like an ant going up a hill backwards! Many of you knew that I took care of my parents for 10 years (never in my wildness imagination did I believe that would be a ten year project!) They both lived to be almost 95, dad was three years older then mom, passing away about five years ago. I still have the cabin at Johnsons Lake: my daughter Caryoln and her husband live there and they have made many wonderful upgrades to the place. Someday they will move as Adam is always looking at computer jobs across the country - he is currently President of a computer company based out of Kearney with clients nationwide. When they go I am planing to pack my stuff and retire to the lake: it will seem like Old Times! (Yes - we are going to have to consider another lake party) I have four grandchildren; Todd and Jen have two little girls and they live here in Hastings, Melissa and Chuck have 2 also - but live on the east coast. Carolyn still has 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have two dogs and three cats - so when Carolyn comes with her "kids" it is really like a zoo around here! Allie my "foster dog" was only supposed to be here for about a year - but it has been well over that and I believe she is here to stay. Several years ago I started to "bead" and have designed some things that are actually marketable. Some of the stuff is really good (who knew this talent would arise!) My computer son-in-law is building me a web site, so one of these days I will actually have a "real" home business...then I will have to stop "playing" at it! Have sold numerous items over the years and was "artist of the month" a couple years ago at a local store. I still love to read - and try to do that when possible. (Have not yet figured out how I am going to move my library to the lake house .... since I have a couple thousand hard back books here.) (So many books .....so little time!). I decided to sort out my cookbooks recently and found three I didn't want any longer....that left about 300 of them sitting on the shelf...I might have under estimated the total # of book I really have :) I am really impresssed with the Phelps County web sites - it was grand growing up in Holdrege - good times and lots of great memories!