Haroldean (Anderson) Lauer

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September 22




Chelsea (1973), Step-Son Ben (1974), Audra (1983)


Self - Larry Wayne Audio/Property investments


Since 1979 I have not lived in Nebraska. That August this self serving, hurting, divorced mom bought one way tickets and took my 6 year old daughter and flew to Alaska. On that frontier at the end of my rope a 29 year long adventure in surrendering to Jesus Christ began. I don't expect that aspect of my life to ever change since learning more about living, loving and serving the indescribable God has been an exciting life time process of growing in Him.
In a radio contest God told me to enter, I met my incredible husband Larry. A year later we married and now celebrate 27 years together June of 08. We heard the Lord ask us to move to OR. in 95 and help to build the Air 1 radio network. Four years later with Air 1 established, Larry was asked to join the growing KLOVE network, and since Nov. 99 we have lived in northern California. We love many things about this area and now call it home.
Chelsea went back to Alaska after college and these days we visit her and my brother who still lives there.
I recently ended 22 years of serving in leadership and building the ministries of Pregnancy Resource Centers in AK, OR and CA.
Life can be hard sometimes, but knowing God has always been good. We have gone places and done things we would never have without His leading. We're excited to see what the years ahead hold. In the meantime we enjoy our lives with kids and grandkids as we lean in to hear the Lord's voice calling our names and giving us purpose.
If you are saying to yourself, "I've never heard His voice." His promise is: IF you call on Him, He will answer you. I found the true thrills in life really start when you make that call. May God Bless You!