Jane (Lilyhorn) Epley

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April 3


Boyd Epley


Jay (1982), Jenna (1985)


EPIC Athletic Performance


I graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1977. After changing majors three times I ended up with double majors in Home Economics and Journalism/Advertising. I met my husband while at UNL--he was my instructor for an advanced weight training class. We were married in 1979. I worked for the Lincoln Journal/Star as a Retail Advertising Consultant until our children were born and working full time was too much to handle. Hershey Chocolate USA offered me a part time position as a retail merchandiser and I worked in Lincoln and the surrounding area for 7 years for them. Missing Journalism, I took a graphic arts position at Continental Western Group. Boyd worked for the University of Nebraska Athletic Department for 37 years and his position allowed our family to travel to several athletic events including 27 Bowl games. We spent Christmas in a lot of different places but also enjoyed experiences we will always remember. He retired from the University in 2006 and took a position with the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Colorado Springs. We moved there in September of 2006 and welcome anyone who gets close. We also have started a new company called EPIC Athletic Performance. I am doing the marketing and advertising for the company. I guess the idea of retirement wasn't that appealing--yet.