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I didn't graduate from HHS, but Kelly Swanson and Nancy Pillen encouraged me to come here and post. (By the way, Columbus High really sucked!) Let's see, where have I been? I've lived around the Midwest from Sioux Falls to Des Moines with a stint in Omaha and Gretna. I moved back to NE when my father became terminally ill and my mother needed help. I made the promise at that time to my kids (I have two step-sons I raised since they were 2 and 4) that we would not moved again. I ended up in Schuyler in 1993 and haven't moved again. I have never in my life lived in one place for so long. I remarried in July 2001 to my Cajun man, Michael. Michael relocated here from New Orlean so I could keep my promise.
I am a Senior Account Manager for IFCC. I do financing within the franchised restaurant industry. My territory is in the Southeast which is very convenient as this allows my husband and I to go to our second home just outside New Orleans. We manage to get there a few times a year. We also travel to Oklahoma on a regular basis to see my mother.
All my kids are married now. The boys, Derek and Caleb have given us 5 grandchildren, 4 boys and a girl. They're in Norfolk and Pierce. We're waiting patiently for Tori to give us a grandchild. But for now, she is enjoying her ER stint as charge nurse at the Schuyler Hospital.
I recently discovered that Holdrege is now a part of our athletic conference. I hope to see some of you when you come to a football, basketball or volleyball game. Our son-in-law coaches basketball for one of our country schools, so we make it a habit to attend as many games as possible as some of his former players are on the Schuyler high school teams.
I dont' know if we'll be at the reunion as Michael has a number of gigs lined up. He's also a chef at Dusters Restaurant in Columbus (oh the irony!). It's all up to him.
Thank you again, Kelly, for the invitation. Best wishes to all.