Judy (Adcock) Hudgens

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April 14



David (1972)


Self-employed Accountant & Tax Preparer


I spent 20 years in the banking industry. My last position was Executive Vice President. In 1985 I ruptured four disks in my neck and spent 5 years in bed and had surgery three times. I've been on disability since that time but always kept up with my accounting and tax work. In 2003 I had a car accident and my neck was broken this time. The break was missed for three years and only discovered when I started really complaining about mobility problems. The break was repaired in December of 2006 and I have rods in my neck from C2-T3. I'm currently working on a project with a roofing company doing a QuickBooks 'rescue' and will keep them on as a major client, spending several days a week there. I sing in the Woodlands Symphony Chorus, attend the Reformed Episcopal Church, and still read voraciously. My son, David, is married and has a 17-year-old son. He works for Continental Airlines, and his wife, Vickie, works for the Houston Police Department. They live about 15 minutes away. I'm currently living with my 90-year-old mother because she broke her leg, but she's getting a lot better, so I might not be with her much longer. We lost my dad in 2002, and I moved my mother to Texas then. I've been in Texas since 1976; before that lived in Colorado for 8 years and Minnesota for 3. Graduated from the University of Houston (finally) in 1997 magna cum laude with degrees in Social Science & Accounting.