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Joined Navy in 1965. Tour in Vietnam after completion of flight training and marriage to Joyce (died April 10, 2008). Photo helo for Apollo 8, 11, and 12. Exchange pilot with Royal Navy 1973-75. Only American on Korea Fleet Staff 1984-85. Retired in 1991 after being Director of Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, FL. Taught Naval Science (NJROTC) in Punta Gorda for 15 years. Retired when Joyce was fighting cancer for 3rd time. You never know what will happen as a result of getting registered on the Holdrege High School site (www.dusteralumni.org). Jill (Swanson) Hamlet and I got married Friday, September 4, 2009 in a pretty A-frame right on the beach looking out at the Atlantic Ocean at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Beach, Florida by Pastor Del Palmer (all 3 of us members of HHS class of 1962). Reception followed at Squid Lips Overwater Grill. Jill and I got together from my efforts to get classmates registered on the site in preparation for our class’s 50th reunion. I sent letters and tried to call as many classmates as I could find as a result of searching the Internet for information. Greg Kelso, class of 1965, was very helpful in getting me started on how to chase down classmates. After writing a letter and leaving several messages Jill finally returned my call and I helped her get registered. Neither Jill nor I knew the other's spouse had died until then. We kept talking to each other for a couple of months. She agreed to come to visit me in Punta Gorda, Florida which included seeing her Aunt (Bonnie Carlson Herndon HHS class of 1961) in Orange Park, Disney World, Epcot, and meeting some of my friends. We expected to become just good friends, but love entered the picture quickly. Jill barely returned home when I decided to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit her and meet her friends. I loved Tulsa, her friends, and the Ministers and Congregation of her Church (we are both Methodists). Jill loved my friends, Church, the nice weather and my pool in Punta Gorda. We did’t know where we wanted to live so we were “snowbirds” and kept both of our houses for a while. To be closer to family we decided to settle in Tulsa. Sold house in Florida after 2 days on the market. In the mean time we are having lots of fun with Jill’s dogs, Yoda and Dazie (my new family) and traveling all around the United States. We're just having too much fun checking off items on our bucket lists to ever consider going back to work.