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Robert Kipp (1970), Carlee (1973)



After HHS graduation in 1961, I went to Hastings College and graduated in 1965. After looking unsuccessfully for teaching jobs in Colorado with Vicki Erickson (she found one), I applied for a last minute job teaching English at Geneva, NE. My major was biology but most of the teaching jobs in Nebraska in my area were linked to coaching jobs in football or wrestling. I enjoyed the year in Geneva but I wanted to be in my field so in 1966 I applied as an Agronomy graduate student at UNL thanks to the help of a college friend. In Jan. 1969 I finished a MS degree and found a job as a technician at Michigan State University. I met Bob, a grad student from Oregon. The next year we were married. He finished his MS in turf and we had our son in 1970, a busy year. He continued in turf with a PhD in 1973, the year our daughter was born. We moved to Oregon where he worked for O.M.Scott Company, testing turf products for the northwest. After 1 year of this type of research, he decided he wanted to be back at a University. He applied for a position at UNL which involved being interviewed by some of the golf course superintendents. One of them was Brad Pearson, whose comment when some of the superintendents were extolling Bob's skills for the position was that he knew that guy and he wasn't THAT great. But Bob got the job anyway. He retired from that job 35 years later. I worked as a tech in the Biochemistry Dept. for 30 years. A lot happened inbetween all these dates, but that is the basic information.