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May 15


Tom Layton


Anthony (1973), Amanda (1977), Andrew (1981)




Tom and I have lived in North Carolina since 1976. We moved here, as the University of North Carolina (in Chapel Hill) was his first job after getting his doctorate in Speech and Language Pathology. I have a bachelor's degree in elementary ed. from UNL and taught for 3 years---my last two years were teaching emotionally disturbed children. Then we had 3 of our own!! We have 2 boys and one girl. Our oldest, Anthony, 35, Amanda, 31, and Andrew, 27. I chose to be a stay-at-home mom while our kids were growing up. We thought, ("Wow, four years apart---that means we'll have only one in college at a time!) NOT!!! I had to find a job for several years when all THREE were in school at the same time. Now, how can that happen? (Best layed plans of ......) We had 2 weddings in our family this year. Anthony got married in February, and Amanda got married in June. We keep telling our youngest---"No pressure, Andrew." Last summer, due to Tom's work with down Syndrome children, we got to spend 6 weeks in China. It was a trip of a life time, AND also very hot. It made Florida seems just luke warm. I know the 45th reunion will be a big success. I'm sorry I can't be there. Linda