Marilyn (Loewen) Ferrin

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Ben Ferrin


Anthea (1980), Andrew (1984), Zach (1990), Kirstie (1992)



After graduating from high school, I spent one year going to college in Omaha before moving to Denver to go to nursing school. I met the love of my life (Ben, a.k.a. Bernie to some of you) and married him in 1977. Even though he was a heating contractor and I was a nurse, music was an integral part of our lives as we sang together, made a couple of albums, and traveled around. Ben wrote all of the music we did, as well as played the guitar. Shortly before our first child was born, I quit the nursing profession. We moved to Tennessee in 1998 when Ben got a job in Nashville. We love it here because the fall lasts longer, winter is shorter, and spring comes earlier. A couple of years ago my parents moved in with us. Last summer my Mom passed away, and I was so glad we were able to be there for both her and Dad during that time. We have a wonderful relationship with our children and are so proud of all of them. Anthea is married, with a stepson, and had her first book (fiction) published last year. Andrew has his own ornamental iron business. Zach and Kirstie are still in high school. Zach wants to pursue a music career. He is proficient at guitar and is in the process of learning other instruments. He already has a number of guitar students that heís teaching. Kirstie hasnít decided whether to pursue music or art. She plays the violin and just recently started learning to play the cello.