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April 30


Judy (maiden Carlson - spouse)


Stewart (1984), Jenna (1987), Lenore (1990), Ella (1993)


Science Applications International Corp


I was born in Holdrege and lived there until my graduation from High School in 1973. I began attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the fall of 1973. I started out in the College of Architecture but quickly determined that it was not for me. I quickly moved to Mechanical Engineering. Though it took me five years, I did graduate with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. In the summers, I returned to Holdrege and worked for Quentin and Dan Peterson at their farm operations.

After graduation, I took a job as an engineer with Black and Veatch Consulting Engineers in Kansas City. I spent the next five years in Kansas City. In 1982, Judy Carlson and I married one another. We were married in Holdrege on July 17, 1982. We stayed in the Kansas City area for another year and then moved to Chicago.

We moved to Chicago so that I could pursue a Masters degree in New Testament Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois (I had begun studying New Testament Greek while in Kansas City). While there, we ran out of money and began a family before I finished the degree.

Our parenting life began with a son, Stewart Paul, who was born on July 20, 1984. Upon entering this phase of our lives, we evaluated whether we should stay in the Chicago area or move closer to home. We determined that to afford housing in Chicago, we would have to move a long way away from where we had established community. So we decided to move back to Nebraska.

I found an engineering position in the Omaha area and we moved there in April of 1986. On February 17, 1987, our second child, Jenna Marie, was born. In September of 1988, we moved to Lincoln where I had taken a position with the Public Water Supply Supervision program in the Nebraska Department of Health.

In April of 1990, our third child was born. Her name is Lenore May. Then, in October 1993, our fourth and presumable final child was born: Ella Sophia.

In 1997, I began working in my current position with Science Applications International Corporation (or SAIC for short, ticker SAI). I work with a team who are mostly in the Washington D.C. area. Our team works under a contract with US EPA to develop and support information systems for the Safe Drinking Water Act (obviously, very related to my previous job). I, however, work out of my home in Lincoln and travel a little bit (around 10 week-long trips per year).

The 2007 2008 school year is a big one for our family because we will have 3 graduates by the time it is over, i.e., by the time we attend the reunion in July 2008. Stewart started if off by graduating from UNL with a Bachelor of Journalism degree (and he started working for National Research Corp. based on that degree in January 2008); Lenore will graduate from Lincoln Christian School in May; and Jenna will graduate from Southeast Community College in June with an Associates degree in Graphic Design.

I enjoy family and friends, serving at our church (we have attended Lincoln Berean since 1995), and fly fishing (this summer, I may get to go several times!). I also had the chance to scuba dive a couple of years ago and would like to do some more of that we'll see.