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May 22




Allen (1978) Melba Marie (1980) J.J. (1982) Bethany (1984) Daniel (1988) Kyle (1990)


SSI Disability / Freelance Writer


I must confess that when I left Holdrege to go off to college, I truly left Holdrege behind; a feat easier accomplished once my parents moved too. I Still miss the wide open plains; the ability to see for miles and miles, the fantastic storm fronts moving in, glorious sunsets and the ability to have formed the lifetime friendships which many of you seem to have been able to hold on to. I also miss the ability to know what your neighbor is doing without feeling like you are snooping. I remember how it seemed that there wasn't anything I did which would not eventually make it back to the ears of my parents. I learned to behave when I was away from them pretty much how I would behave in their presence. In almost every way I can think of Holdrege was a wonderful town in which to grow up. I have often longed for that small town atmosphere when raising my own children. As far as accomplishments go, my children are my legacy. Not just the quantity, but the quality as well. They are children to make a parent proud. Four of them are married and the last two still live in our small home for the next two years probably before they get married or head off to school themselves. All of them are Christians and their spouses are as well; they actively participate in worship and Bible studies as well. My work accomplishments are meager. I have worked as a campus minister, a store manager, insurance salesman and route salesman. I was working for Frito-Lay when an illness I had contracted some thirteen years prior finally forced me to go on disability. At the time I went out on disability I didn't even know what the cause of my illness was yet. Through a friend I finally found a Doc. who could pinpoint my disease and treat it. I believe the treatments have slowed the progression of my Lyme disease, but it seems to be incurable once it has been in the system for so long. The things I am most thankful for are: My relationship with God; the sweet wife of 31 years he has provided me with to share my life (Sherry Jean Boggs Brand); and my six wonderful children (no grandchildren yet- rats!).