Tiina (Aulik) Adams

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June 30


David L. Adams


Lisa (1975), Kimberly (1977)


Lincoln Public Schools-Lincoln Northeast High School


After graduation from Holdrege High School, I pursued a degree in Medical Technology from Hastings College. After my stint there and a year of internship I continued to work in Lincoln, Nebraska. I first worked at the old Bryan Memorial Hospital and then moved over to the old Lincoln General Hospital. I met my husband while working there. I worked for 6 and a half years in that profession till my first daughter arrived. I, then, took off the time to raise her and along came our second daughter 16 months later. I stayed home with the children till they were full time students at the elementary school in our neighborhood. I found that I could go work in the same school as a volunteer and then progressed to employment with the Lincoln Public Schools. I was a paraeducator for 9 years at Meadow Lane Elementary and worked with the orthopedically impaired students. I then moved on to the High School level and worked there in the same capacity, but I also worked in the main office helping with their mailings. Pretty soon the latter became more demanding and I became a full time Secretary in the Main office at Lincoln Northeast High School where I still work. I have been working with the Lincoln Public School system for over 25 years now.
My youngest daughter is married and lives in Lincoln. I now have 2 and a half year old granddaughter named Sylvie Sabrina Johnson. She keeps us in stitches all the time and is a very smart young lady. My oldest lives here, too, and has been babysitting for her niece and helping out around our home.
That is pretty much what has transpired since graduation from High School. I have had two total knee surgeries and have done well with those. Hope everyone is doing well.